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Job Description

Are you feeling stuck in your current role, watching your potential go untapped? It's time to spread your wings as a Network Planning Manager and unlock a world of exciting opportunities. Here's why you should make the leap.
In your current position, you might be craving a challenge that pushes your limits and rewards your expertise.

As a Network Planning Manager, you'll step into a role where your skills will be put to the test daily.

No more feeling like your talents are underutilized - you'll be at the helm of ensuring the group's commercial schedule runs like clockwork, making every ounce of your knowledge count.

The Challenge:

Picture this: Obtaining traffic rights, securing slots, and handling commercial permits to keep the group's operations in full swing.

You'll be the linchpin of planning efforts, coordinating with stakeholders both within and outside the group.

The satisfaction of reducing operational costs and implementing improvements will be yours to savour.

What You Can Bring To The Role:

To make this exciting move, you'll need a minimum of a BA in Economy/Industrial Engineering or a related field. If you're passionate about network analysis and have logistics experience, that's a plus.

But here's the game-changer - your employment background in aviation, cargo, handling, or shipping will be a significant advantage.

Excel will be your trusted companion in this role, and you should be ready to go above and beyond standard working hours. Your high-level English proficiency is a must, and if you can sprinkle in some French, even better.

Your ability to communicate effectively, work seamlessly in a team, and maintain your composure under pressure will set you up for success.

Your Next Move:

Don't let your potential go untapped any longer. Take the plunge into this exhilarating Network Planning Manager role and soar to new heights. Apply now, and let your talents shine in an environment that values your expertise and rewards your ambition.