Anita Wiseman shares what life is really like working with aviation businesses and professionals as a Recruitment Consultant at GOOSE Recruitment.
A day in the life of a recruitment consultant - Anita Wiseman

7:45 am: I arrive at work early to get ahead of my emails and get prepared for the day ahead. I have a busy week lined up and I want to make sure everything is in order.

8:00 am: I have a call with a client in Dubai about a new business development role for a private charter company I am recruiting for. It is always best to get in early to ensure I am still talking to them in their morning. That way I still have the entire afternoon to speak with potential candidates in this time zone.

8:30 am: The client call went well, and the client would like us to work exclusively on the opportunity. So, it’s time to liaise with the rest of the team and market map candidates we think could be great for the role.

We have a fantastic candidate database, which we have built up as a direct result of being proactive in networking - so we will utilise this. However, one of the main ways we headhunt our candidates is through LinkedIn. We have a highly engaged presence and community on this platform and have seen great results over the years.

9:15 am: Time to look at what the rest of the day looks like. I structure my day using my calendar and today is looking busy. Any spare time I do have, I will dedicate to business development and activity around my objectives and goals.

A day in the life of an associate director at GOOSE Recruitment - calendar

11:00 am: I am working on several roles in the Americas, so I like to spend time on these to ensure my candidates and clients receive updates for when they start their working day. Working in aviation means working with people from across the globe, so being organised on how to best action processes based on time zones is crucial. This mitigates any risk of processes being delayed by days at a time.

12:00 pm: It’s been a busy morning; I best break for some lunch. The rest of the team is heading up to Ocean Village Marina for a walk, so I think I will join them and get some fresh sea air.

A day in the life of an associate director at GOOSE Recruitment - Ocean Village

1:00 pm: I have some important client tasks that I need to action. I have a candidate at the final stage interview, so it is important to make sure everyone in the process is aligned on the next steps.

1:30 pm: Typically, I dedicate afternoons to sending contracts to my clients teams and interview invites. This can take quite a bit of time, so it is important to stay on top of this admin, as well as spend time on the phone. We have a great CRM, which speeds up the sending of interview invitations and allows you to be so time efficient and in turn more productive.

3:00 pm: Business development is a crucial part of being a recruitment consultant, so I dedicate a large proportion of my time to this. There are some leading aviation businesses that I would like to partner with, it is time to get onto the phone and try to reach them.

Business development can be challenging at first because hiring managers and business leaders are busy. That is why perseverance, and resilience, paired with a strong network are key to success.

4:45 pm: I am going to make the most of our flexible working benefit today and leave a little bit earlier. We have a great policy which allows us to dictate our hours in the working week. Often, I do like to stay later to make the most of the afternoons, but I have had such a productive day and will pick up again in the morning.

I’m looking forward to catching up with my husband this evening, he works in aviation too, so it is always nice to end the day going through our days before winding down for the evening and preparing for another productive day.

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