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GOOSE Recruitment specialises in the search, recruitment and selection of Aviation and Airline professionals. We partner with businesses operating in the Aviation and Airline sectors to create bespoke salary surveys and benchmarking of roles in these sectors.

Reward strategies continue to play an important factor in the successful attraction, retention and engagement of the best people in the Aviation and Airline sectors. The salary surveys and benchmarking reports we create for our partners offer them a competitive advantage in the war for talent in highly competitive skill short markets.

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Global reach

We work with all types and levels of people and businesses across the Aviation and Airline sectors across the globe, including the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific. We have unrivalled access to global talent.


We know your market

We partner with many of the world’s leading employers across the Aviation and Airline sectors across the globe. Our clients represent a wide range of businesses Airlines (passenger and cargo/freight), Aircraft Leasing companies, Aviation Finance, Aircraft Brokerage, Charter Brokerage, Business Aviation, General Aviation, Airport Operators and Owners to name just a few.

The depth and breadth of our experience and expertise enable us to source the remuneration packages of hard to find talent in highly competitive skill short markets.

We know the people

Our knowledgeable and well-connected recruitment consultants have access to GOOSE’s database, which is a great source of Aviation and Airline professionals. We use sophisticated digital tools to ensure that we regularly update our database with our candidates’ latest CVs, qualifications, experience, compensation, benefits and motives. Ensuring we have the most up to date information about candidates means that the salary data we provide is aligned with the realities of the market.

We take speaking to the right people seriously. We are constantly mapping the who’s who in our marketplace. Our pro-active approach means that in a dynamic and rapidly changing recruitment market, we are reaching out, and creating real conversations with people. We love to talk, and we are passionate about speaking with people, whether it be over the telephone, face to face or via video.


The benefits of salary surveys and benchmarking

Salary surveys can help determine how your compensation structures measure up with the wider industry, or more specifically with your direct competitors. They also support strategic decision making on new salary scales and benefits packages.


Bespoke solutions to meet your needs

Our salary surveys and benchmarking reports are as unique as you are as an employer. We work collaboratively to create bespoke reports that meet your precise needs. We spend time with you at the start of each project to listen to and understand your requirements. We will also make recommendations utilising our previous experience to ensure you get the most out of the service.

Our focus and drive are based on your needs, and we use our unique skills to make this a reality.

Whether you want accurate salary data for specific roles, seniority levels or geographic locations, we can create a bespoke and up to date report to meet your needs.

We also have experience in delivering pilot salary surveys that include average rotations, per diems, average holiday entitlement and benefits. We have also provided comparisons between cargo and passenger pilots.


Our approach

We use our tried and tested techniques to acquire accurate, up to date and complete salary and benefits information. Our three approaches to data collection are:

1.      Placements and Assignments. This is where we use data from past placements or recent job listings. We have been provided with the details directly and we are 100% confident in the accuracy of this data. All data remains anonymous.

2.      Candidate interviews. This is where we interviewed the candidate by telephone or video call, and they have provided us with their most recent remuneration information and expectations. All data remains anonymous.

3.      Access to our talent pool. This is where we review our unique database of candidates and utilise the remuneration information that is no more than six months old.

Our combined approach offers a more in-depth final analysis of the realities of the marketplace.


Data analysis

We combine the data collected across our three sources and use sophisticated digital tools to analyse the data internally. All data remains anonymous and is converted when required into the currency requested by you.


Reporting and presentation of findings

Utilising our data analysis we will produce a salary survey report based on your requirements that creates insights into the competitive landscape of remuneration in your chosen area.

We can also utilise your internal remuneration information to compare and contrast against our findings and create a benchmarking report.

We can create presentations to give a broader overview of our findings or for you to use internally. These can be very effective when there are several people involved in reward strategies in your business.


Examples of our salary surveys

If you would like to discuss and hear about specific examples of our salary surveys and benchmarking reports for the global Aviation and Airline sectors, please get in touch.

We offer a snapshot of global pilot salaries by region for captains and first officers in our annual Pilot Survey.

View the Pilot Survey 2022 here

Customer care​

Our recruitment consultants ensure they are speaking with their clients and candidates on a regular basis. Our ethos is built on four key values: do it brilliantly, do it with a smile, do it with respect and do it fairly.

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