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We are on a continuous journey, making incremental changes to everything that we do – always learning how we can do things better, and staying at the forefront of inclusivity.

In our efforts to ensure our recruitment processes are more accessible and inclusive, we have improved our website for everyone.

We want you to feel welcome on our website. We believe that combining accessibility with usability will create a more inclusive environment.

Accessibility + Usability = Inclusion

Whether you are a candidate searching for a new job and don’t want to experience any barriers to your application. Or if you are an employer wanting to ensure that candidates have an inclusive experience from the first time they see your job advert to the day they join your business. We have made some changes to our website thinking about all our different website visitors and how we make our website more inclusive for all.

Some of the changes we have made include:

Web Accessibility

Our website has been created utilising the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and includes:

  • The ability to navigate our website with or without a mouse with logical tabbing.

  • Reviewed and updated our colour contrasts to at least the recommended minimum of 4.5:1 or higher.

  • Increased the minimum font size across the website.

  • Added closed captions or subtitles to video media.

  • Increased our use of text descriptive links.

Inclusive imagery

We want our imagery to represent as many people as possible. We are continually working on adding more imagery that represents the diverse people that we represent.

We want you to feel represented and welcome.

Inclusive language

We want our content to be enjoyed by everyone. We work hard to ensure our language is clear and enjoyable, inoffensive and does not exclude. We strive to utilise an accessible and inclusive language guideline that covers anti-ableist, anti-racist and ungendered language.

Increased use of audio and video

We understand that not everyone wants to read content, but want to enjoy it through video and audio. We are on a continuous journey to increase our use of audio and video throughout our website. We have launched a new Sound Cloud channel and continue to add to our YouTube channel offering.

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