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In the dynamic aviation and airline sectors, aviation leaders navigate change and shape the future. Leadership is not about merely maintaining the course but charting a journey toward the future. This report explores emerging trends and challenges, delving into the heart of the aviation landscape.

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We endeavour to uncover the changes that we have seen since our previous survey and explore careers, reward, leadership, AI (artificial intelligence), and the future of talent in aviation.

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52% of aviation leaders shared they had been concerned about their job security in the last two years. Age, AI, economics, politics, budget restrictions, culture, strategy and long-term business viability were all noted as factors.

There has been movement at the top with 40% of respondents saying they had changed jobs in the last two years, but 22% regretted doing so. The commonality of their job change regret was that the role or company culture had been overpromised and then undelivered.

64% had plans to change jobs over the next two years, the top reason for aviation leaders to either job seek or stay loyal was the same. They either needed a new challenge in a new job, or their role still challenged them enough to make them stay.

The top skills and knowledge aviation leaders wanted to improve over the next 12 months included knowledge of AI, industry trends, change management, understanding new generations, communication, and empathetic leadership.

There was a range of stress levels revealed by aviation leaders. Just under a quarter rated their stress as low, 40% rated it as very high, with the remainder citing at mid-level. Leaders in the majority were happy in their roles though, with 53% sharing they felt very happy or happy, just 14% said they were unhappy.

Company culture was what mattered most to aviation leaders at work. For employees, they felt that company culture and career progression were the top factors they could improve to make a positive impact on their business.

When looking at their reward packages, 95% felt that the inflation rates and the cost of living would have a short or long-term impact on it. The future looked brighter and 39% foresaw reward rising in real terms for leaders in the next two years.

63% of aviation leaders shared that reward was more important for retaining talent than attracting them. Additionally, 74% were feeling under more pressure to be more transparent and fair when it came to reward for their teams.

34% of aviation leaders said their business was already using AI, and there were mixed thoughts on whether it would replace jobs, improve jobs or create new ones.

92% of aviation leaders would recommend their careers in aviation to new generations, but just over three-quarters thought that new generations had what it takes to be successful in aviation. 49% did not believe there was sufficient talent in the sectors to be future leaders.

The top skills aviation leaders wanted more of in their teams included adaptability, change management, and resilience.

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