10 May 2024

The results from the Leaders in Aviation Survey 2024 explore emerging trends and challenges, uncovering the changes since our previous survey and exploring careers, reward, leadership, AI (artificial intelligence), and the future of talent in aviation.

We uncover the changes that we have seen since our previous survey in 2021 and explore careers, reward, leadership, AI (artificial intelligence), the future of talent in aviation, plus much more.

Top trends from the Leaders in Aviation Survey include:

  • 52% of aviation leaders shared they had been concerned about their job security in the last two years.

  • 40% of respondents said they had changed jobs in the last two years, but 22% regretted doing so.

  • 64% had plans to change jobs over the next two years.

  • The top reason for aviation leaders to either job seek or stay loyal was the same. They either needed a new challenge in a new job, or their role still challenged them enough to make them stay.

  • The top skills and knowledge aviation leaders want to improve include AI, change management, communication and empathetic leadership.

  • 40% rated their stress level as very high, but 53% also said they felt happy in their role.

  • 74% felt under more pressure to be more transparent and fair when it came to reward for their teams.

  • 34% of aviation leaders said their business was already using AI.

  • 92% of aviation leaders would recommend their careers in aviation to new generations.

  • 49% did not believe there was sufficient talent in the sectors to be future leaders.

For the full insights, download the report here:

Leaders in Aviation Report

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