21 October 2019

The Pilot job search can be hard and with more airlines requiring Pilots to have a specific level of qualifications and total flying hours to keep up with industry demands, it is only getting tougher.

At GOOSE Recruitment, we are experts in supporting Pilots to find their next role and know how important it is to find the right one. A Pilot job isn’t just about joining the best airline or getting the highest salary. It is also about finding a job that matches your personal and career goals.

Here’s why working with a specialist Pilot recruitment agency could be the best way for you to take the next step in your flying career:

1. Recruiters will find you the best Pilot jobs

A good Pilot recruiter will not only help find you the job that you want but they will find you a job that is best suited to your personality, experience and qualifications. They will know exactly what jobs to put you forward for and how to get you in front of their clients.

Of course, anyone can apply for jobs without the help of a recruiter but it doesn’t mean they are applying to the right ones.

With so many Pilot jobs being advertised online, it can be tempting to put your CV forward to all of them. However, this can be detrimental to you being able to apply to an airline in the future as most airlines will only let you apply every 6-12 months. Therefore you need to be selective with the jobs you apply to and a recruiter can help you do exactly that.

Working with a specialist Pilot Recruitment Consultant or Agency will help eliminate any potential bottlenecks to you landing your next Pilot job. They will know what jobs you should be applying to and the jobs you stand the best chance of being considered for. A good recruiter will not waste your time by sending you jobs that don’t match up to your CV. Instead, they will ensure all the applications you make are worthwhile.

Good Pilot recruitment agencies will often have exclusivity with airlines on jobs that are not available elsewhere in the market. This alone is a great reason to partner with an agency.

2. Recruiters will save you time

Recruiters will save you a lot of time. Ask yourself – how many hours have you spent scrolling through Pilot job boards, airline websites or social media to find your dream opportunity? Not to mention finding the right Pilot job can be difficult in such a competitive marketplace. Recruiters help to break through the noise and cut out the time you would spend looking for jobs on your own. They will source opportunities that align with your flying experience and will know exactly who is hiring and who to contact.

There is no harm in having a look online or reaching out to airlines yourself but a recruiter will be able to speak with airlines using their longstanding industry relationships. If you are applying for jobs outside of the ones that your recruiter is sharing with you, make sure you are transparent about this. Your recruiter could have a good relationship with the hiring managers at that particular airline and could be your route in.

Additionally, recruiters will save you time when it comes to filling out those lengthy applications. Pilot application forms can take a lot of time because there are so many requirements and technical skills that need to be outlined when applying for a role.

3. Recruiters will guide you through your job search

The recruitment process can be challenging to navigate and with Pilots having to go through several assessment stages before they reach the final interview stage, having a recruiter onside can be a great solution.

A recruiter will be able to tell you what the next stage will look like and when you should expect to hear back on your applications. They will also follow up on your application on your behalf and ensure you get the feedback you deserve. If you go it alone it might be weeks or even months before you hear back.

Can you afford to waste that much time?

4. Recruiters will market you as ‘the best Pilot for the job’

Recruiters are great at marketing their candidates. They know how to advise on your CV and how to go to market. It is their goal to get you an interview and present you in the most attractive way to their clients.

They will ensure your CV clearly aligns with the requirements of the role and they will know exactly how to sell you as the best candidate for the job.

A reputable recruiter will offer you tips on how you can market yourself during the actual face-to-face interviews and assessments – giving you advice on how to dress, what to say and how to conduct yourself in the best way possible.

5. Recruiters will be on hand even after the interview

Your recruiter will act as the point of contact between yourself and the client at every stage of the process. After the interview, they will be able to find out about any further stages and get immediate feedback on how the interview went.

If it’s good news and you are made an offer – fantastic. However, it is good to have a recruiter on board to ensure you are offered the best package possible. They will know the Pilot job market well and will know exactly what your skills are worth to the airlines they are working with.

Meaning they will do all the negotiating for you when it comes to things like salary package, roster pattern, additional benefits and even living arrangements.

Now that we have explained how a specialist Pilot Recruitment Agency can support you in finding your next Pilot role, would you partner with one to help you with your job search?

At GOOSE Recruitment we are dedicated to supporting our candidates in their job search, so if you are looking for a new role be sure to contact our dedicated team here.

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