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Job Description


As the Head of Marketing, PR and Communication, you will be a key member of the management team, leading the Marketing, PR and Communication strategy and be accountable for all Marketing and PR related activity for the business, as well as internal and external Brand communication.

Key Responsibilities:
·         Developing and implementing the marketing and brand strategy for the Business in line with the business strategy
·         Developing and implementing a PR strategy aligned with the marketing objectives
·         Developing and implementing brand values aligned tonality and content in operational messaging
·         Organising and delivering tradeshows
·         Managing the annual marketing and PR budget
·         Managing outside agencies supporting the Business to ensure effective, co-ordinated, delivery to all stakeholders, including effective sales generation campaigns
·         Developing structured and valuable insights on target market segments and customers, key trends and competitor activities, conducting market research and adjusting marketing activities as needed in response
·         Managing internal and external data, measuring, monitoring and analysing appropriate data to optimise campaign activity and effectiveness, messaging, and overall marketing and sales effectiveness
·         Negotiating with external agencies and other suppliers for cost-effective production of materials and delivery of value-adding services
·         Managing marketing materials in line with marketing plans, creation, publication, maintenance, and reviewing effectiveness at appropriate times
·         Overseeing effective PR content generation and distribution campaigns, lead generation activities, exhibition attendances, and all other marketing activity
·         Managing the Business’s digital communications channels to meet Customer Charter goals and customer expectations
Desirable Skills/Experience:
The ideal candidate will be a highly experienced Marketing and Public Relations professional, working at a senior level. They must have good writing skills, experience in strategy development and planning, and have the confidence and expertise to manage the wide-ranging day-to-day Marketing and PR activities of the airline.
Professional and/or regulatory requirements:
·         A degree in relevant field, ie journalism, public relations, communication or marketing
·         Proven track record with a minimum 5 years experience
·         A basic Police Clearance Certificate deemed satisfactory to the client
·         A full driving licence