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Job Description

Private Aviation Executive

Company: A premier private aviation service with a global reach, operating as a membership club. We offer private flight initiatives, including charters, empty legs, and unique shared flight packages. Our goal is to become a leader in premium lifestyle services.

Role: Reporting directly to the CEO, you’ll focus on internal operations and external communications. Responsibilities include:
  1. Membership Process:
    • Manage new membership inquiries and onboarding.
    • Assist with flight bookings, communication, and documentation.
    • Optimize membership and flight processes.
  2. Event Coordination and Brand Communications:
    • Coordinate membership events.
    • Support brand communications (website, social media).
  3. Sales and Initiatives:
    • Explore opportunities to increase flight sales.
    • Contribute to new premium lifestyle initiatives.
Ideal Profile:
  • Dynamic, organized, and communicative.
  • Relevant experience in private aviation, leisure, or hospitality.
  • Salary range: USD 40,000-70,000 (experience/location dependent).
Apply with a professional CV and email Anita Wiseman Direct to find out more