16 December 2019

Are you ready to relocate to another country for your next Pilot job? At GOOSE Recruitment we work with many international airlines that are recruiting Pilots across the globe. We often receive applications from Pilots who love the sound of a job but haven’t always put time into considering whether a move to a new country is right for them. So, we have put together a guide on everything you’ll need to consider before applying for your next Pilot role abroad.

1. Culture

Moving to a new country is exciting but it is important to consider that there are several things you will need to adjust to. This includes everything from laws, religion and traditions to language and a different way of life. For instance, if you are relocating from a Western country to the Middle East, you will need to consider that there will be cultural differences that you will need to respect.

On the other hand, if religion is important to you, you’ll need to understand which religions are practised in the country you want to move to and if there are places for you to worship and practice your religion.

Another important factor to consider is how big or small the ex-pat population is. This will give you an understanding of whether or not the country is a desired place to live and how easy it will be to meet new people.   

In general, if you can be open-minded and embrace cultural differences, you will have no problem settling into a new country. 

2. Language

Are you prepared to learn a new language? You need to be realistic about this if you are considering a location that does not speak your native language. Picture yourself shopping for groceries, sorting out bills or navigating your way around. A language barrier can make it more difficult to feel settled and make things such as meeting new people more challenging.

Be prepared to learn some basic phrases or even consider some language classes to help you settle in much faster.

3. Lifestyle

It can be difficult to adjust to a new lifestyle, particularly if you have specific hobbies you enjoy doing in your native country. Remember, different countries have different traditions and ways of doing things. Just a few things that can be different include food, sports, TV and media, public holidays and hobbies.

However, this is also a great opportunity to expand your horizons and try new things you might never have done.

4. Temperature & climate

One of the main reasons people are attracted to relocating is the weather. But if the weather is the complete opposite to where you currently live, you’ll need to be prepared. Relocating to a country where temperatures are hot all year round could be a massive shock.

The weather can change many things you may be used to doing, for example, if you enjoy being outside all the time, you will find the weather too hot in some countries. Or on the other hand, you may find it difficult to move to a country with lower temperatures if you are used to living in more tropical climates.

You’ll also need to consider that some countries have seasons and others don’t. Could you live somewhere that is hot and humid all year round like Singapore? Or would you prefer to live somewhere like northern Europe that offers many different seasons and climates all year round?

Temperature and climate can also heavily impact flying conditions, so you need to think about it from a working perspective too. Would you want to take off and land through snow, wind or rain? Or are you ready for the other challenges that come with flying in very humid conditions?

5. Find a place your friends and family will want to visit

If you relocate, how far away will you be from your friends and family? Important factors to consider are: how quickly could you travel home if you needed to? Is it a place that your friends and family will want to and easily visit? What is the time difference and will this have an impact on how often you can communicate with people back home?

These are all important questions to consider if you know they could have an impact on your new life. 

6. Knowing where you want to live

You will need to do some research on the local area to find out where you want to live and how much it is going to cost you. Some airlines will provide accommodation and therefore you’ll only need to research the local area, but if this is not the case you’ll need to be more thorough in your research.

Things you will need to think about are: what areas are best suited to you and your family (if applicable); what your budget is and how you are going to secure accommodation before you move.

Many Pilots relocating will engage a Real Estate agent to find them suitable accommodation. Or you might want to find a short-term rental for the first few months as this gives you the opportunity to view accommodation more freely when you are actually living in the country and have a better feel for where you want to live.

7. Life Admin

You will need to make sure everything is in order before you make a move. Things you’ll potentially need to consider include; applying for and securing your Visa or work permit, setting up a new bank account to receive your salary, health insurance and even organising a phone registered to the country you are moving to.

8. The cost of relocating

Relocating comes with a cost and this is one of the most important factors you need to consider. If you are fortunate enough, the airline may pay a relocation allowance and provide accommodation during your time with them. However, this isn’t always the case and you should be prepared to pay for moving costs, such as shipping and transportation of furniture/luggage, as well as real estate fees, which can be very expensive. 

9. Education

If you have a family, education will be a high priority but knowing which schools are good, will require some investigating.

A simple online search is a great start but you will want to hear from people first-hand. Most airlines should be able to recommend International schools but we would always recommend researching, shortlisting and booking visits or taster days with the schools of interest well before you officially move.

10. Crime rates

You may have decided on where you want to live but have you considered crime rates? For anyone moving abroad, it is reassuring to know you are moving somewhere safe. In all of our guides to living and working abroad, we share key crime rate statistics for the country. It is important to research this because it could have a huge impact on your quality of life after you relocate, especially for those with a family.

Good ways to research this are on websites such as;

11. Is this the right Pilot opportunity for you?

Finally, once you have researched all of the different aspects of the country you are thinking about moving to, you need to decide whether this is really the right opportunity for you.

Moving abroad may seem like an attractive prospect but relocating is a serious decision to make. Do you really want to be relocating again in a few months’ time? Before making the final decision, thoroughly research the airline, communicate with your Pilot Recruitment Consultant and know exactly what you are committing yourself to.

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