16 August 2021

We are delighted to welcome Anita Wiseman to our specialist team at GOOSE Recruitment. Anita joins us as an Aviation Headhunter/Recruitment Consultant and offers a wealth of experience, having worked in the aviation industry for almost a decade. To introduce Anita to our valued network of aviation professionals and clients, we caught up with her to uncover more about her aviation career and new role at GOOSE.

The career of an Aviation Professional turned Headhunter
When did you first begin your career in aviation and what have your previous roles entailed?

I have been working in the aviation industry for just over nine years now but before that, I had always worked in customer-facing roles. Both skills combined have enabled me to leverage my aviation expertise and provide my clients with a first-class experience. My previous roles within the aviation industry have predominantly been Commercial, Sales and management roles for aircraft maintenance businesses; with my most recent being a Commercial Manager for a leading global tier-one aerospace supplier. My background and industry knowledge is mainly focused on Business Aviation, Private Jet Support and Aerospace Manufacturing.

What attracted you to join our specialist team at GOOSE Recruitment?

With my industry experience and my dedication to supporting people, the opportunity to join GOOSE seemed like one I couldn’t turn down. The team at GOOSE are dedicated experts, they too have a strong passion for the industry and my new role presented the opportunity to utilise my industry skills and knowledge to support aviation professionals and clients with their recruitment needs. As a business, GOOSE Recruitment also has a strong industry reputation and tangible potential to grow even more.

What will your role entail as an Aviation Headhunter and what area of the industry will you be specialising in?

Customer service within the aviation industry has always been a passion of mine, so I will be providing a professional headhunting approach and utilising my industry experience to find our candidates their dream jobs and ensure that our client's expectations are fulfilled. My focus will be within the Commercial Sector, recruiting roles for Finance, Sales, and Commercial Professionals internationally from mid to senior levels, to name a few.

How will you leverage your aviation experience and apply it to your new role?

Having previously worked with aviation companies that deal with a vast variety of aircraft types, I will be using my knowledge of aircraft to match the most suitable candidates with our clients and roles. This has allowed me to understand the priorities and requirements of many aspects of the sector. I have seen first-hand the skills and people that are required to lead these businesses forward.

What are you looking forward to the most about working with Aviation Professionals and leading industry businesses?

I am looking forward to building on my existing relationships within the industry and working with many industry leaders whom I have previously worked with. I have established some fantastic business relationships over the last nine years, so I look forward to supporting my network with their recruitment requirements. As well as building new relationships, connecting with new companies and supporting our extensive network of clients and candidates at GOOSE.

What do you think makes a great recruitment relationship?

To be a good recruiter you need to genuinely care about the needs of the company or candidate you are representing. As a recruiter, you need to use your industry knowledge and recruitment skills to fully understand what the recruitment requirement is because every need is different depending on the business and economic landscape. Hiring or looking for a new role can be daunting, so taking time to understand helps to remove any potential concerns for our candidates and clients throughout the recruitment journey.

Do you have any thoughts on upcoming trends in aviation?

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge and long-lasting impact on the industry, at GOOSE Recruitment we still noticing an increase in hiring activity. When the pandemic first hit, many businesses put a hold on hiring but where GOOSE Recruitment saw a decrease in the demand for some roles, there was an increase in others.

More than a year on, everything seems to have a new lease on life and fresh hiring incentives and aviation job opportunities have come out of it. As many aviation businesses move into a time of growth, it is a very exciting time for many of our clients.

What we have seen is that many companies have become a lot more resilient and prepared for what the future holds.

From your experience, are there any specific soft skills that you believe it takes to be successful in the aviation industry?

To be successful in the aviation industry it is important to be agile and adapt to what is an everchanging industry. Aviation is typically an industry that is heavily impacted by the economic climate and therefore you need to be flexible on the expectations of your role. Aviation businesses will have different priorities at different times, and it is crucial to adapt to these. It is also important to think on your feet and look for new opportunities from different angles, especially in Commercial roles which require new ways of thinking as the industry evolves.

How do you plan to expand your current aviation network?

Many aviation businesses and professionals have embraced being online, so I will be using LinkedIn and arranging online meetings to expand my network. However, I am also looking forward to eventually meeting people at face-to-face industry events and meeting my clients onsite at their businesses in person.

How can industry professionals connect with you?

At GOOSE Recruitment, we are all looking forward to working with Anita and seeing her provide industry expertise and recruitment offerings to our clients and candidates. If you would like to find out about Anita, we invite you to join us in welcoming her by connecting on LinkedIn.

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