05 February 2020

GOOSE Recruitment and FlightGlobal are thrilled to announce that the results from The Pilot Survey 2020 will be revealed very soon. Mark Charman, CEO & Founder of GOOSE Recruitment and Sophie Wild, Director of Content Partnerships & Recruitment Portfolio of FlightGlobalwill be publishing a detailed report of the findings from the first of its kind survey.

The global aviation marketplace is experiencing some of the biggest changes the industry has ever seen. The last decade has seen an exponential uptick in demand for air travel.  Today’s consumers, both individuals and businesses, demand air travel to meet their expectations of being faster, and more convenient, with more options and destinations readily available at the right price.

Together with this increased demand for air travel, there is now an acute shortage of experienced Pilots. In particular, the demand for Pilots in Asia has increased significantly over recent years.

In October 2019 we surveyed Pilots from across the world, of all levels, to find out how the ever-changing Aviation landscape is affecting the Pilots themselves.

We asked; are the increased demands for Pilots improving your career options? What effect is it having on your health and well-being? Which airlines are doing a great job of attracting the best talent? Is new technology improving your role in the cockpit? These are just some of the questions we will be providing insights to with the answers coming straight from the Pilots who took part.

All the answers were provided confidentially and the responses from the survey were analysed to identify the most important trends and points of interest in the research. In addition, our teams of experts around the world have reviewed the data to ensure that it reflects the realities of their local markets as well as global trends.

We believe that the combination of the survey’s unique scale and reach and our market expertise means that this report delivers a representative view of trends and opportunities in employment and remuneration in our industry, right across the world.

If you would like to be one of the first to read the report from The Pilot Survey 2020, then please email to be added to the official distribution list.

Follow the hashtag #ThePilotSurvey2020 for more information

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