14 May 2020

ASL Airlines Belgium has appointed GOOSE Recruitment as a Contract Leasing Recruitment Partner in their search for B747 First Officers and Captains to join their base in Belgium. As a globally recognised brand operating several aviation services across multiple locations, this is a fantastic and rare opportunity for passionate Pilots to join GOOSE’s growing team of Pilot contractors.

Who are ASL Airlines Belgium?

From 1999 the business operated under the name of TNT Airways until it was acquired by ASL Aviation Holdings in 2016 and rebranded to ASL Airlines Belgium. ASL now operates globally providing chartered, scheduled and ACMI services to its expansive portfolio of clients. Its client base spans worldwide with a focus on Europe, China, the United States and the Middle East. Typically, customers include express integrators, freight forwarders and companies with a demand for air cargo solutions. As well as operating an extensive network for FedEx based in Belgium, ASL also specialises in managing third-party aircraft, proving that they can cater to almost every customer's needs.

Air Cargo Sales

As part of its air cargo service, ASL provides its clients with overnight cargo flights to over 60 European destinations. Plus, its B747 fleet operates long-haul flights across the EMEA and US regions, where these cargo services are mainly for sensitive and dangerous goods, perishables, artwork, live cargo, e-commerce, pharmaceuticals, cars and other oversized cargo.

Chartered Services

ASL provides chartered services using its own fleet to customers across the globe. With an extensive, well-maintained and modern fleet, customers have the choice of chartering the following aircraft: B747-400ERF, B757-PF, B737-300SF and even the B757-PCF, which is designed to carry both cargo and passengers for occasions such as productions, events or music tours.

ACMI Services

ASL also offers a variety of services to other carriers including aircraft crew, maintenance and insurance. With such a dynamic, professional and well-established team they can usually offer flexibility and the delivery of these services and aircraft at extremely short notice.


ASL take pride in operating a fleet of 30 high-calibre aircraft to suit multi-services and meet customer demand. The ASL fleet is made up of the BAE 146-300QT, B737-300SF, B737 400-F, B757-PF, B757-PCF and B747 A400 ERF.

What is it like to work on a contract for GOOSE?

Working for GOOSE offers a rare opportunity for experienced Pilots to work with an airline where people are the key focus. ASL has centred its business model around this ethos, believing that “service is delivered by people and people only”.

The company culture is a unique environment to work in and is built on the foundations of process excellence and ‘can do’ mentality - “We are passionate about everything we do, and we care equally about our people and customers.”

As part of a mission to maintain its strong and globally recognised industry reputation, ASL is now looking for only the best people to work with their team. As a result, GOOSE Recruitment has been engaged by ASL to lease individuals on contract who hold the right experience and knowledge but also have the motivation, dedication, commitment and competence to drive the airline forward.

Do you have what it takes to work on a contract with GOOSE to ASL Airlines Belgium?

GOOSE now requires B747 EASA Captains to operate their B747-400 Cargo aircraft worldwide and B747-400 Officers to join our team in Belgium.

This is a fantastic and rare opportunity and we are looking to speak to Pilots who are ready for their next venture. To find out more please visit the full job descriptions below and contact Charlotte Charman.

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