19 June 2022

In 2022 we have seen a noticeable shift in the Aviation and Airline sectors with leaders who had previously needed to downsize during the pandemic, under pressure to rebuild and grow their teams to meet their business goals.

After careful data analysis, we bring you the top 10 most in demand people in the Aviation and Airline sectors for 2022.

Our top 10 includes:

B.1 and B.2 Engineers

The demand for B.1 and B.2 Engineers continues to grow. This is not a new trend, but one that is becoming an urgent skill shortage. As flight operations have returned to pre-Covid levels businesses are now left with the worst shortage of these skilled individuals than has ever been seen before.

Mark Charman, CEO & Founder of GOOSE Recruitment says: “It is now mission-critical for so many businesses to find B.1 and B.2 Engineers. We are in a position where we need to get back to grass roots and make this profession highly appealing to young people. We need to ensure that this does not get worse in the future – the sectors will not cope.

The future is starting to look bleak but businesses that can work on their employer value proposition, and remuneration packages and stay up to date on the latest candidate attraction factors are going to have a better time in the marketplace.

Female talent

The Aviation and Airline sectors have traditionally been dominated by males, and whilst some previous efforts have been made to balance the gender ratios, females across all levels remain the minority.

We are now being asked specifically to include female candidates on our shortlists for some of our clients. Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted from being the all-encompassing problem it once was, many businesses are now putting diversity and inclusion at the top of their agendas and balancing the gender gap is for many their first point of call. This is particularly prevalent in the c-suite, but we are seeing more demand across all levels of roles. Businesses see that putting females in top positions will help to attract more females into their business.” Says Samantha Wilson, Associate Director of Executive Search & Aviation Recruitment at GOOSE Recruitment.

Individuals with Cargo/Freight experience

Many businesses were saved by the demand for cargo flying operations during the pandemic. Airline businesses that had not previously offered the service pivoted quickly and implemented it.

Cargo operations continue to be in high demand and so too are the individuals with this type of experience. Whilst we envisaged the demand for these people might have declined as passenger flight operations regained their previous prosperity, this has not been the case. The demand for individuals with cargo experience remains and we do not see this letting up this year.” Says Charman.

Air Traffic Engineers

There is demand for Air Traffic Engineers right now, but more specifically those with several years of experience. Many of the active candidates in the market are too junior and do not have enough exposure to ATSEP.

Wilson says: “We are seeing employers bear-hugging their senior Air Traffic Engineers – they don’t want to lose their knowledge. They know the market is tough and they don’t want to be left in a position of needing to replace them. If businesses cannot offer an opportunity and package that is over and above what they are currently receiving, there is no attraction to move.

Charter Brokers

If there was a group of individuals that could be accused of job-hopping right now, it would be Charter Brokers, but for good reason.

Experienced Charter Brokers with a good book of business and a strong sales background are in demand and a hot skillset right now. We’ve seen new start-ups as well as the consolidation of businesses in the marketplace. These businesses need people who can make money tomorrow and so fantastic packages are being offered. Employers are uninterested in how long an individual’s last tenures were with a business. If they think they can make money quickly, they want to interview them and get them started, the sooner the better.” Says Charman.

Safety and Compliance Managers

Safety continues to be a top priority for businesses operating in the Aviation and Airline sectors. Securing the best talent for Safety and Compliance Managers is fiercely competitive. Businesses must have a post-holder and so we are seeing that although candidates are seeking new roles, their notice periods are lengthy, and their current employers are insisting on them honouring them.

This is creating a bit of stagnation in the marketplace. Employers can’t lose their post-holder, so they are doing everything possible to hold on to them for the long term or giving no flexibility on notice periods. Candidates’ new employers are then left vulnerable that their new Safety and Compliance Manager could be poached by another employer during their notice period, or their current employer could eventually decide to make an offer they cannot refuse.” Says Charman.

Maintenance Controllers

Maintenance Controllers have traditionally been individuals who have worked a number of years in the sectors in both engineer and/or maintenance controller roles. During the pandemic, many made the decision to either retire or leave the maintenance controller profession completely when roles were made redundant, or remuneration packages were reduced. This has left a gap of not only experienced Maintenance Controllers but in general, there is a lack of even more junior professionals in the market.

Employers are finding it tough to attract engineers away from the tools into a full-time office-based role. On top of this, many employers are not able to lose their valuable engineers either because of the skill shortage here too. It only becomes a real-life case of ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’.” Says Wilson.

Chief Operating Officers (COO)

As Aviation and Airline business are building back their businesses after a turbulent time, we are seeing a demand for COOs who have worked through these challenging times. Businesses want leaders who can prove they can navigate a business into recovery and prosperity.

Wilson says: “I’ve worked with a few clients who also need to work on succession plans and want to bring in a strong COO who has the potential to eventually take on the CEO role. I am also being asked more regularly to find COOs for more remote locations, where businesses are finding it hard to attract the right people. There are some amazing opportunities and packages on offer. COOs who are looking for big challenges and who can relocate could really be taking their careers to the next level.

Quality Managers

It has taken a bit of time for Brexit to make its impact on the Aviation and Airline sectors, but we are seeing it this year. Quality Managers with EASA were previously able to work across the whole of Europe, including the UK, but this has now ended.

Talent pools are becoming smaller, and businesses cannot enjoy the flexibility they once did of candidates relocating between Europe and the UK and vice versa. This in turn is creating greater demand in the UK for Quality Managers with the right qualifications.” Says Charman.

Continued Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) Managers

Just like their colleagues in Quality Management, there is a demand for CAMO Managers. Brexit is having an impact along with other factors.

Wilson says: “We are seeing two distinct groups of people, those who will change jobs because they think it will put them one step closer to the promotion of the head of/director roles. On the other side, we see people who will not consider a job move as they are holding on tight in the hope that their tenure and experience will get them the promotion, they want internally rather than having to change employers. This is creating a difficult market where money and progression are winning in the war for talent.

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