19 January 2023

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The past five years have been marked by significant ups and downs in the aviation sector. A period of exceptional activity was followed by the worst crisis the industry has ever faced, before 2022 saw a significant bounce-back in demand for air travel.

Today’s consumers, both individuals and businesses, are demanding that air travel meets their expectations. They want air travel to be faster, and more convenient, with additional options and destinations readily available. Even more so, they want affordable air travel whilst also requiring that airlines and aviation businesses improve their carbon footprints.

The reliance on airlines to meet these ever-increasing demands for air travel is more vital than ever. With the threat of a global recession on the horizon, keeping consumers happy will be a tactic that airlines and aviation businesses will want to utilise. Many will have already started crisis planning, reflecting on the lessons learnt from previous economic downturns.

It is not just consumer demands that need to be met. Pilots have suffered too, with loss of employment, stress, health concerns, and emotional disruptions to name a few. Many pilots have been patient, waiting for this recovery to happen and regain some of what they lost in the process. This could mean some significant changes to the pilot profession, from pay and benefits to job seeking and retirement, as well as the future skill pool of the profession.

We look to uncover these changes and reveal what pilots want in this new year. We want to expose the good and bad of the sector, looking at the profession from a pilot’s point of view.

In our fourth year of collaborating, GOOSE Recruitment and FlightGlobal have created The Pilot Survey 2023. This report covers topics including employment, retention, reward, diversity, inclusion and equity, job security and the future of the pilot profession.

Download The Pilot Survey 2023

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