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Job Description

Our client works closely with global and regional customers as their preferred long-term provider of air cargo capacity, they are recruiting for an Air Cargo Capacity Revenue Management Manager to join their new offices based in Sharjah.

Their aim is always to offer the best solution to meet every customers’ cargo transportation requirements, based on the current availability of their partners’ fleets.

You will be responsible for-
  • Scheduling: Determining the optimal timing for flights based on demand, capacity, and market conditions.
  • Frequencies: Deciding how often flights should operate on specific routes to meet demand without oversupplying or undersupplying.
  • Capacity Allocation: Efficiently managing available cargo space on flights to maximize revenue while accommodating various types of cargo.
  • Provides effective evaluation of allotments and approvals of capacity requests.
  • Routes: Identifying the most profitable routes based on demand, competition, and costs.
  • Allocation and Routing: Optimizing the allocation of cargo based on various factors such as destination, available carriers, delivery timeframes, and cost-effectiveness. This involves selecting the most suitable shipping methods and routes for different types of cargo.
  • Monitors capacity forecast on the inbound and outbound flights including overbooking limits.
  • GSA Steering and Coordination: Managing relationships with General Sales Agents (GSAs) or other intermediaries involved in cargo transportation. Coordinating activities, negotiating contracts, and ensuring alignment between the company's objectives and the strategies implemented by GSAs.
  • EU/UK Trucking Network Management: Overseeing the logistics and operations of the trucking network within the EU and UK regions. This includes managing relationships with trucking partners, optimizing routes, ensuring compliance with regulations, and maintaining the efficiency of transportation within these areas.
  • EU/UK Trucking Network Integration: Coordinating with ground transportation networks to ensure seamless movement of cargo to and from airports, especially relevant in the context of Brexit and changes in EU/UK logistics.
  • Dynamic Pricing: Adjusting pricing based on demand, time of booking, cargo type, and route to optimize revenue.
  • Plans and schedules Road Feeder Services (RFS) throughout the network by identifying trucking gateways.
  • Liaises with the Procurement team to identify RFS providers, negotiate terms and conditions, and finalize trucking agreements.
  • Provides effective evaluation of allotments and approvals of capacity requests
Between AED17,000 to 45,000 per month dependent on experience

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