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Aviation has been one of the most significantly impacted sectors during the pandemic. Many aviation businesses are still having to work in survival mode and the demands placed on Aviation Leaders have never been greater. A stressful and pressurised working environment has been heightened with many Aviation Leaders living in fear of redundancy and furlough.

The pandemic has quickly made us face adaption to new ways of working, as well as being given more time to think and re-evaluate what is important to us in our careers.

It has not been the crisis alone that has made its impact. The pressure to continue to digitally transform businesses, the threat of cyber-attacks, as well as a stronger focus on climate change and building more diverse workforces, have all been significant.

Many leaders have been forced to cut costs, restructure their workforces, and make challenging executive decisions that will in turn protect the future of the businesses that they manage. We have witnessed courageous leadership that is a testament to how some Aviation Leaders can lead their businesses through some of the most challenging times that they will ever face.

It was essential that we speak with Aviation Leaders to delve deeper into the factors that have impacted them over the last 18 months and their plans on how they will thrive as leaders in the future.

We have created this unique report to establish and highlight trends from an Aviation Leader’s perspective. We will uncover trends in careers, reward, working styles, the future of work and leadership.

It covers areas such as: Has the expatriate lifestyle lost its appeal? What aspects of leadership have Aviation Leaders had to improve? Have Aviation Leaders had to adapt their leadership style? How confident are Aviation Leaders to change jobs? What are leaders views on the future of working styles? What impact has the pandemic had on the future of reward? Will remote working change reward structures? These are just a few of the questions that are so unique to the aviation sector and ones that only the leaders themselves will answer.




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