The Pilot Survey 2022

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Aviation has been one of the most significantly impacted sectors during the pandemic. Many aviation businesses are still having to work in survival mode. A stressful and pressurised situation has been heightened with many pilots living in fear of redundancy and furlough as well as many who have already had to confront this.

The pandemic has quickly made pilots face adaption to new ways of working, including reduced flying time, quarantine periods, face coverings and social distancing as well as being given more time to think and re-evaluate what is important to them in their careers.

It has not been the crisis alone that has made its impact on pilots. The pressure to stay current, to keep or return to flying, secure medicals and keep healthy both mentally and physically have all been significant.

Many pilots have lost jobs, taken large pay cuts, reduced their flying time and even been demoted in rank, all in order to keep flying.

It was essential that we speak with pilots again this year to delve deeper into the factors that have impacted them over the last 12 months and their plans on whether they will continue their careers as a pilot or simply leave the sector.

In our third year of collaborating, GOOSE Recruitment and FlightGlobal created The Pilot Survey 2022. We have compiled this unique report once again to establish and highlight trends from a pilot’s perspective. We will uncover trends in careers, reward, confidence, stress, and the attractiveness of the profession.

It covers areas such as: What impact has the last 12 months had on unemployment? Are unemployed pilots in holding pools? How long does it take to secure a new pilot job? How confident do pilots feel about returning to the cockpit? How many pilots have been double vaccinated and do they believe it should be compulsory to fly? Would they recommend their career to young people? When do they think the sector will return to pre-COVID levels? These are just a few of the questions that are so unique to the aviation sector and ones that only the pilots themselves will answer.

Read The Pilot Survey Report

To discuss any of the findings in the report, please contact Mark Charman, CEO & Founder or Samantha Wilson, Associate Director of Executive Search and Aviation Recruitment.

For all media enquiries, please contact Nic Jones, Group Marketing Director.

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